You're Engaged
You’re Engaged

You’re engaged! Such an exciting moment! But now what?

Now you start touring venues for your magical day! Here are 10 of some of the most important questions to ask during your venue tour:

1. What is the venue rental price?

It’s very common for venues to charge different amounts for different days. And even different amounts for different times of the year. Make sure to ask what their prices are so you can choose the date and amount that works best for you and your planning.

2. What does the rental price include?

You want to make sure there aren’t going to be extra charges for things you thought were included in the rental amount. No one likes something with a catch! Remember to keep in mind furniture, linens, security, A/V, set up time, and staff.

3. How many hours are included in the rental?

Of course you want to have enough time to make the most beautiful memories that you’ll never forget! As mentioned earlier, different days of the week sometimes come with a different amount of rental time. Make sure you cover that during your tour.

4. What is the max capacity for the venue?

It’s always important to make sure your entire party is going to fit inside the venue. And make sure you don’t forget to include the happy couple and the wedding party in your headcount. A little tip: For many reasons, 20% of your guest list will have to regrettably RSVP no. 

5. Do you have an open vendor policy?

It is very important to know what vendors you can/cannot use. Here at The Vox we have an open vendor policy, allowing you to bring in any vendor of your choice. We offer our preferred vendors list for suggestions to make your search for the perfect vendors just a little easier.

6. Who will be in charge of setting up and breaking down tables and chairs?

We would never ask you to do our job on your big day. Our staff is solely responsible for setting up, breaking down, and moving any tables and chairs during your day. We’ll take care of everything while you enjoy your magical day.

7. What is your parking situation like?

This is another item you won’t want to worry about on your important day. This is why your Vox venue rental includes a uniformed KCK police officer who doubles as the parking attendant. And remember! Your guests will carpool and probably Uber too. So the car count may not be as high as you think.

8. Is there a Bridal Suite available?

Holding your Ceremony and Reception in one location is great for so many reasons. And when you do, you want somewhere that your wedding party can relax, get ready, and not be rushed. We have a Bridal Suite for rent, that gives you virtually the entire day to move at your own pace. And did we mention the Bridal Suite comes with complimentary mimosas?

9. Is the venue pet friendly?

Of course you want your fur babies to be a part of your big day! That’s why they’re encouraged at the Vox! And because we’re such animal lovers, we even have a nice grassy back yard for them to run around in, with doggy bags secured outside for your baby to take care of business.

10. Do we have to provide security?

We always want you to feel safe on your day. No one wants to worry about anything going wrong. The Vox has an off-duty Kansas City, Kansas police officer to act as security and parking attendant. They are the first person to show up at the beginning of the night and the last person to leave. We love our KCK police!

Photo by Kyle Rivas Photography