You're Engaged

10 Questions To Ask During Your Tour

You're Engaged
You're Engaged

You’re engaged! Such an exciting moment! But now what?

Now you start touring venues for your magical day! Here are 10 of some of the most important questions to ask during your venue tour:

1. What is the venue rental price?

It's very common for venues to charge different amounts for different days. And even different amounts for different times of the year. Make sure to ask what their prices are so you can choose the date and amount that works best for you and your planning.

2. What does the rental price include?

You want to make sure there aren't going to be extra charges for things you thought were included in the rental amount. No one likes something with a catch! Remember to keep in mind furniture, linens, security, A/V, set up time, and staff.

3. How many hours are included in the rental?

Of course you want to have enough time to make the most beautiful memories that you'll never forget! As mentioned earlier, different days of the week sometimes come with a different amount of rental time. Make sure you cover that during your tour.

4. What is the max capacity for the venue?

It's always important to make sure your entire party is going to fit inside the venue. And make sure you don't forget to include the happy couple and the wedding party in your headcount. A little tip: For many reasons, 20% of your guest list will have to regrettably RSVP no. 

5. Do you have an open vendor policy?

It is very important to know what vendors you can/cannot use. Here at The Vox we have an open vendor policy, allowing you to bring in any vendor of your choice. We offer our preferred vendors list for suggestions to make your search for the perfect vendors just a little easier.

6. Who will be in charge of setting up and breaking down tables and chairs?

We would never ask you to do our job on your big day. Our staff is solely responsible for setting up, breaking down, and moving any tables and chairs during your day. We'll take care of everything while you enjoy your magical day.

7. What is your parking situation like?

This is another item you won't want to worry about on your important day. This is why your Vox venue rental includes a uniformed KCK police officer who doubles as the parking attendant. And remember! Your guests will carpool and probably Uber too. So the car count may not be as high as you think.

8. Is there a Bridal Suite available?

Holding your Ceremony and Reception in one location is great for so many reasons. And when you do, you want somewhere that your wedding party can relax, get ready, and not be rushed. We have a Bridal Suite for rent, that gives you virtually the entire day to move at your own pace. And did we mention the Bridal Suite comes with complimentary mimosas?

9. Is the venue pet friendly?

Of course you want your fur babies to be a part of your big day! That's why they're encouraged at the Vox! And because we're such animal lovers, we even have a nice grassy back yard for them to run around in, with doggy bags secured outside for your baby to take care of business.

10. Do we have to provide security?

We always want you to feel safe on your day. No one wants to worry about anything going wrong. The Vox has an off-duty Kansas City, Kansas police officer to act as security and parking attendant. They are the first person to show up at the beginning of the night and the last person to leave. We love our KCK police!

Photo by Kyle Rivas Photography

Don't Break Your Bank. Plan An Affordable Wedding

Don’t get married on a Saturday

Choosing to get married on a Friday, Sunday or even a Thursday can help you save a lot as well as land you that special date you’re wanting to have your anniversary on. Having an evening wedding on a Friday allows you to not only save money but also have a full weekend to relax and recover. If you plan your weekday wedding right before a holiday such as the fourth of July, Labor Day, etc. it gives your guests that next day off so you can save money on the venue and your guests don’t have to worry about going to work the next day. Bonus! At the Vox Theatre we offer dates all throughout the week – just ask us about availability and prices.

Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors

At the Vox Theatre we have an open vendor policy meaning that you can bring in any caterer, bartender, and/or DJ. We only require that your bartender has a current liquor license and comes from a licensed company. Having family or friends who have catering experience cater your wedding could cut costs dramatically while allowing you to have a unique menu with your favorites. Have a college roommate who’s a DJ? Invite them in to play in our space or even skip the DJ entirely and hook into our audio system and have a friend play your music.

Be your own DJ a.k.a have a friend do it

The Vox rents out our own professional audio system that is built into our venue including speakers, a soundboard, mics, and a large projector screen that you can hook your phone, tablet, or computer into and play your own pre-made playlist. Have a friend be MC and do your introduction, play the song for your first dance, and start the playlist for your dance party – all while saving money!

Have your ceremony and reception in the same place

Our stage here at the Vox Theatre is the perfect place to have your ceremony if you’re looking to have your ceremony and reception in the same place. Your guests can come right to the ceremony, sit at their tables or in seats by the stage and go right into a cocktail/appetizer hour while you and your betrothed take pictures and won’t have to worry about figuring out what to do or getting lost between the ceremony and the reception. Having the ceremony and reception in the same place also cuts down on decoration costs by not having to buy extra flowers or other decorations for the ceremony location.

Fake your wedding cake

Fondant and tiered cakes are insanely expensive but oh so beautiful! Who doesn’t want to have that show stopping ten-tiered wedding cake with spun sugar and fondant flowers? But what a toll that takes on the checkbook. Here’s an idea, fake it! Have your baker make a fake Styrofoam and cardboard cake with a small top layer of real cake for you to cut into and eat then have real sheet cakes in the kitchen for your guests. You get to have your show stopping cake, your guests get to eat cake, and you save money – talk about a win-win-win!

Don’t feel like you HAVE to have a wedding cake

Several of our couples have opted to have dessert bars instead of a wedding cake. Having family members make and bring a dessert gives guests a variety of sweets and you less of a hit on your bottom line. Donuts, cookies with your monogram, milk-and-cookie bar, the options are endless, and if you still really want to have that moment cutting your cake you can get a special cupcake just for you two!

Cupcake Tower


Donut Tower

Don’t offer endless alcohol options

A couple of kegs and one ‘signature’ cocktail are great options to please your guests and save some money. 

At the Vox Theatre we rent out our two-tap kegerator system allowing you to have two types of beer in one rental! Skipping on hard liquor altogether is not a bad option either. Beer and wine are more than enough to satisfy guests.

Have a blast!

If the couple is having fun and is happy and the guests have free food and sweets they will be happy too. Remember that your wedding day is a celebration not a test – enjoy it!

Bride & Groom Enjoying Their Confetti Exit In Our Backyard (RPM Photography)


So many questions come up when deciding which venue to host your upcoming ceremony, reception, or corporate event at. More than any other factor, your venue sets the tone for your event. It’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive, and it’s what they’re going to be immersed in for the five or six hours they’re celebrating with you. To help ease the stress, we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Can the Vox accommodate a DJ or live band?

Yes! Both a DJ and live bands are welcomed here at the Vox. Our raised stage is perfect for live bands to perform during your event. And we offer a perfect space for your DJ that doesn’t take away from your dance floor.

Does the Vox have an A/V System I could rent?

Yes! We offer an A/V Package. This includes use of our sound system, microphones, projector, and projector screen. This can also be purchased a la carte as A/V Rental (sound & mics) or Projector & Screen. We have (2) handheld microphones. We do not have lapel microphones.

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?

When describing how the space is set up we stress the word “usually” because we want you to make the space your own. All of our main tables are on wheels so you can arrange them throughout the space as you wish with the exception of blocking our fire exit.

Are holiday dates available?

Yes! We are available for booking on certain holiday dates. There is special holiday pricing for Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. Please ask for holiday pricing during your tour if you are interested in those dates.

What is the hosts job?

Hosts are present during every single event held at the Vox. Their primary job is to make sure the building is being taken care of during your event. While the host is not responsible for making sure your timeline is going accordingly, it is our pleasure to work with vendors to ensure you have a smooth event.

Can I have both my ceremony and reception at the Vox?

Yes! Both ceremonies and receptions can and have been held at the Vox. We have three options for “flipping” the room from the ceremony floor plan to the reception floor plan.

How much time do we get for Set Up? 

Each event includes (3) hours of set up time as well as (1) hour prior to guest arrival for vendors to load into the space. After your event, you are also given (1) hour of load out time. We don’t want your event time getting cut into, so we make sure all set up and load time is outside of your event time frame.

Can I split up my 3 hours of set up time? 

Yes! We do allow you to split up the set up time in order to add additional time before guests arrive for vendors to load in at no additional cost. If you would like more than (3) hours plus the (1) hour before guest arrival you may purchase additional set up time.

Are linens included in the venue rental?

Linens are not included in the venue rental, however we are happy to assist with rentals should they be needed. Any items rented through us will be set up for you before your arrival, as well as removed at the end of the night and returned to the rental company by us.

Can we bring our own vendors in? 

Yes! All independent vendors are welcome. We do require that your liquor provider be from a licensed company and have a current liquor license as well as providing an individual to be present (caterer, staff, etc.) at all times during the event to maintain cleanliness.

What all is included in the venue rental?

At the Vox we supply up to (24) 66” round tables, (8) cocktail tables, (11) 6-foot rectangle tables, (8) 8-foot rectangle tables, (200) white folding chairs, and (4) large rolling tables that are great for a bar, buffet, gift, or cake table.

Are we responsible for cleaning up at the end of our event?

You are only responsible for cleaning up and loading out what decorations you brought in. You will never be responsible for clean up of tables, chairs, linens, event space trash, sweeping, etc.

Have more questions? Contact us and schedule a tour! 913-730-6110 or

Holiday Parties at the Vox

The Vox Theatre has several businesses and organizations host their Holiday parties with us and each one has their unique traditions!

Epoxy Coating has hosted their holiday party at the Vox Theatre many times. Each time employees and their families are invited to come enjoy delicious food, fun games, and a huge white elephant gift exchange!

Epoxy Coating’s white elephant gift exchange gifts are all bought by the owner of the company and wrapped for employees to choose and unwrap in front of everyone. Each gift can be “stolen” twice before it is safe with its final owner.


Guests enjoy appetizers throughout the night while playing bingo to win prizes.

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has also hosted here at the Vox Theatre. Being a fun group of beer and photo loving photographers they had The Photo Bus KC drive into our event space for guests to enjoy!


Along with the Photo Bus, ASMP went all out decorating our space with cute themed decorations to really get people in the mood for the holidays.


And what would a holiday party be without something sweet?

Now that you have seen some of the wonderful parties hosted at the Vox Theatre why should you host a holiday party at all? Well, research shows employee appreciation can inspire increased productivity, retention and satisfaction among employees. An end-of-the-year party provides an enjoyable evening for employees and allows companies to show their appreciation in a more personal way.

What are the top four reasons to host a company holiday party?

There are many benefits to having a company holiday party, but the top four reasons you should consider one this year are that they build culture, morale, relationships, and they show gratitude in a personal way.

Building Culture:

If you’re trying to establish your company culture (or if you already have and want to reinforce  it), the holiday party is a great opportunity to demonstrate what you’re all about. If you try to prioritize individual recognition, have an awards ceremony during the party. If establishing strong customer relations is your thing, consider inviting clients to the celebration.

Boosting Morale:

Ending the year on a high note with some fun and festivity can boost  morale, leaving employees with a high opinion of the company and their work as they break for the holidays. Plus, it can present an ideal way to kick off the New Year on optimistic footing, empowering your team to return ready to run at full speed.

Building Relationships:

Getting to know your employees as people, not simply as workers, is essential for teams to succeed. Interacting with your employees  at a social gathering is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Often times at the office, employees only get to interact with others within their department. Having an inclusive company holiday party affords your co-workers the opportunity to meet and mingle with people they might not otherwise get to talk to on a regular basis. Employee bonding in a social context is a key element of team building, which is necessary to produce the best results. And regardless of the bottom line, it’s just fun to get to know new people, especially in such a festive setting!

Showing Gratitude in a Personal Way:

Employees are the heart of a company, and a holiday party is a great way to express your appreciation and thank your team for another year of hard work.

It’s true: giving your employees a year-end cash bonus or extra PTO is a pretty good way to say thank you for their hard work. However, they will also appreciate a more  personal way of showing gratitude. Having a party for them says that you value them as both employees and people—they aren’t just a faceless entity you can throw a check at and call it personal recognition. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can hand out “awards” to employees at the party to show them that you truly appreciate their contribution to your organization.

Plus, parties are fun! Your employees want to have a good time. While it might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, having a holiday party shows you’re a company that values employees’ happiness—and that you’re a genuinely fun place to work.

Now that you’ve decided to host the party, get started by booking your event with us!