McKnight - Hadley Ceremony & Reception

Recently, a wedding and reception came to The Vox that left a beautiful and lasting impression. The McKnight - Hadley ceremony and reception took full advantage of the space as a whole, and also of our naturally rustic vibe.

This homemade archway acted as the perfect backdrop for the exchange of vows.

This breathtaking archway was homemade, and placed on our stage in order for the couple to exchange vows underneath. Accented by 3 separate walls of candles that stood behind the archway. Flickering candles added beautifully to our festoon lights that are strung on our brick wall. This archway served as a monumental part of the ceremony; and guests couldn't help but take personal pictures in front of the beautiful backdrop. And because of this attraction, both guests and the lovely couple will have plenty of opportunities to look back on their special day.


The couple honored family members who could not attend by including their photographs in the decoration.

"A Long Line of Love" displays are a traditional and loving way to show the path of love that came before you. But the McKnight - Hadley wedding honored those who couldn't be there in a slightly different way. They placed a name card and photograph of relatives that were unable to attend the ceremony. This allowed them to be "present" in a sense. And also allowed guests to get a sense of the couples rich family history.


The couple used a candle wall display to section off the kitchen from the rest of the event space.

Along with all our amenities, we also proudly offer a fully functioning kitchen to our caterers and other venders. And some of our events come up with perfect ways to dress up the area. McKnight - Hadley kept with their candle wall theme and placed one on the kitchen bar counter. Therefore, keeping the kitchen activity discreet from party-goers and kept the atmosphere and attention on the event.


Custom made Mr. and Mrs. plates held the Bride and Groom's spot in the dinner line.

And of course, what better way to say, "Get your own plate" than to have custom made Mr. and Mrs. plates for the newly married couple? Too often during receptions, the bride and groom are so busy greeting and thanking guests, they don't get the chance to enjoy their dinner. McKnight - Hadley made sure they would get the opportunity to sit and eat by making sure they had their own dinnerware that was ready to go, waiting just for them.

Take a look at even more beautiful photos from this fantastic wedding and reception:

Couple: Betsy McKnight - Patrick Hadley

Photographer: William Hess / Bailey Eichler

Florist/Decorator: Susan McKnight 






The Beautiful Bridal Suite. The Gorgeous Groom's Suite

Photo taken by Vox Staff

Holding both your ceremony and reception at the Vox is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Bridal Suite. Located just next door right past Rosedale Development Association, our Bridal Suite is the perfect space to allow the bride, her bridesmaids, and the mothers to get prepared for their big day.

Photo taken by Vox Staff

The suite is provided to the party for extra time to get ready and relax on their wedding day. With its spacious room and high ceilings, the room allows for laughter, chatter, good memories, and great photos. Brides have had food and beverages delivered to them throughout their Bridal Suite time. Makeup artists, hair stylists and friends are encouraged to utilize this time to get prepared and provide pampering. The backdrop of the room offers the perfect subtle beauty for photographers to capture every moment.

Photo taken by The Grays Photography

And their male counterparts find refuge in our Groom's Suite, located upstairs in the theatre. Grooms, groomsmen, and their fathers have done everything from watching sports games to bringing in game consoles and playing video games to take the pressure off. Maybe crack open some beverages too.

The Groom's Suite overlooks the entire event space. This gives you a Birdseye view of the space before it becomes the party scene of your reception. Or, as we like to call it at the Vox, the calm before the storm.

While your guests are getting ready for your big day, you can relax and take it all in. Since this is your big day!

Photo taken by Vox Staff

These spaces allow the Bride and Groom to relax and not feel rushed. From getting ready for their day, to traveling to their ceremony, and then finally traveling to their reception. To have all 3 in one place saves time, travel, and confusion on multiple locations.

All of these factors allow ease of mind for not only the bridal party, but also the guests of your wedding. Also, limiting the number of places for the day down to just 1 simple location is a nice way to tell your guests, "Thank You for being a part of our special day!"

The Vox Theatre Top 10 Fun Facts

Look through these 10 Fun Facts about the Vox Theatre you may not have known:

1.We’re Growing. And Growing. And Growing!

The Vox just keeps growing due to all the different events held here. While widely known for weddings and receptions, don’t forget we can host just about anything here! Birthday parties, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs. And so on, and so on!

Let The Vox Theatre be the location of your next amazing event!


2. A Rich History!

The Vox Theatre has been a part of the Rosedale community since 1922. It was first a silent picture theatre, then upgraded to a “talkie” theatre. Then, in 2009, full interior renovations were completed when Alistair Tutton bought the building to utilize as his Photography Studio. Alistair is internationally known for his architecture, food, portrait, and product photography. We use the space as a photography studio and also an event venue! To learn more, check out



3. Ceremonies & Receptions!

We don’t only host the party. Go ahead and schedule your beautiful ceremony here too! Believe me when I say we have plenty of space for both. And guess what! If you do, you have the option to take advantage of our gorgeous Bridal Suite! And speaking of our bridal suite…vox_wedding_054


4. Our Bridal Suite!

The bridal suite allows brides and their bridesmaids to prep for the big day while relaxing just a few yards away from where they’ll soon exchange “I Do’s”. Rather than travel from ceremony to reception, have it all in one place. This immediately takes so much stress off your big day. Seems like a good idea to me!



5. Make the Event Space Your Own!

The world is your oyster at the Vox. Each event is allowed to decorate the Vox however they would like. We offer sound panels on the wall for hanging artwork and a silver ledge around the room to hold battery operated tea light candles, pictures, or other decorations you might have.Nichole-0192


6. Outdoor Area!

Right off the dance floor is a set of french doors that lead to the patio and backyard. As a result of using this area, you immediately increase the amount of event space and allow party goers to enjoy some fresh air, without being taken away from the party. You can also use our backyard and patio as the perfect backdrop to your wedding day photos.nichole-2011


7. The Kitchen!

We have a fully functioning kitchen that is available to all events. The kitchen comes equipped with an oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator and deep freeze. There are storage shelves, prep tables, and a sink! If thats not enough cool stuff – theres even paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass recycling available! We even heard a little rumor that caterers LOVE IT!


8. We’re Pet Friendly!

Starting at the top of the food chain, the Vox Theatre owner, Alistair Tutton, brings his pups to work almost daily. Along with his pups, visitors can expect to see a number of Vox staff members dogs coming and going in the space. We encourage you to bring your furry friend along while you party at the big event you’re planning.



9. Location, Location, Location!

It’s a realtor’s dream! Located right off I-35 on Southwest Blvd, the Vox Theatre is easy to find. Whether you’re coming from the Missouri or Kansas side, I promise, you can’t miss us. And, if for some reason you do, there’s always your GPS!

10. Confident Staff!

Small but mighty! That’s what they say. And that’s what we’ve got. Our event staff is incredibly involved from the very first steps of touring the facility – to the very last item being loaded out at the end of your event. We have Brooke Rohan, the Event Manager leading the way, Bailey Eichler, the Event Operations Coordinator, a team of hostesses – Jessica, Brittany, Daphne, Melyssa and Amy. And last but not least – our Set Up/Tear Down Staff!

Events Team

There are WAY more than just these 10 facts that make The Vox Theatre the amazing event space that it is. But most of all, it’s the atmosphere that we want you to have for your special event. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to walk through all the little details that will make your day just that…Your Day!

The Vox Theatre

Now Re-Introducing...The Vox Theatre!

We would like to introduce you BACK to The Vox Theatre! Let's take a step back in time.

The Vox Theatre has been a staple in the Kansas City area since 1922. The theatre continues to grow into the charming and elegant space the area has come to know and love. Beginning as a silent movie house, the Vox was formally introduced in the 1940’s as a “talkie” theatre. Today, the Vox is the beautiful event space that continues to host many soirees. Though known mostly for weddings, events range from holiday parties and corporate events, to ceremonies and receptions.

The Vox pays respect to its history with original brick walls throughout, a pressed tin ceiling, and original wood floors. But don't think The Vox is stuck in the past. The event space also embraces today's technology by offering a full stereo system with multiple iPod hook-ups, a fully functional prep kitchen, and a state of the art lighting system.

The Vox Theatre acts as both an event space and a photography studio. It is home to Alistair Tutton Photography. Because of its beautiful architecture and atmosphere, it is used as the backdrop for many photography sessions. These include shoots with Russel Stovers, Dole Fruit, and Omaha Steaks. 

And finally, the Vox offers it's friendly, helpful, and eager events team. The Events Team consists of Brooke Rohan, Events Manager, and Bailey Eichler, Event Operations Coordinator. They are here to help you with any questions you might have regarding your event or the space. With all of these amenities and more, the Vox offers the perfect spot for whatever event you may be planning.

Make sure to check out The Vox on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to see all the amazing events we've hosted and what we can do for you and your event.

Nick + Kara 6.20.15

Wedding Recap: Nick + Kara 6.20.15

Photography: The Grays Photography

Linens: Accent

Florist: HyVee Floral

Caterer: Deco Catering KC

Cake: The Sweet Nook

Music: NC Sounds DJ
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Jack + Nicholas 10.09.15

Wedding Recap: Jack + Nicholas 10.09.15

Photos by: Aimee Slates, Vox Staff and guests

IMG_1960 IMG_1959 IMG_1967 IMG_1969 IMG_1968 IMG_1965 IMG_1971 IMG_1962IMG_1972

FullSizeRender 3  FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2


Venue: Vox Theatre

Photography: Aimee Slates, Vox Staff and guests

Floral Design: Family Friend

Cake: The Sundry

Caterer: Taco Republic

Rentals: Accent Event Rental

Jamie + John 09.06.15

Wedding Recap: Jamie + John 09.06.15

Photos by: Elizabeth with eGolden Moments Photography

It was a sweet and fun-loving evening for Jamie + John, surrounded by good friends, delicious bbq and delightful paper details. Set in ivory, lilac and a mix of bright and jewel tone blues, both the event and couple were quirky and colorful. Check out the fun details like the fortune teller programs, paper flower bouquet and more, below.


wedding_gettingready92 wedding_details46 ringreveal married thekiss wedding_poses129 wedding_reception23 together wedding_reception26 wedding_reception31edit wedding_reception265


Venue: Vox Theatre

Photography: eGolden Moments Photography follow them on Facebook

Caterer: Local Pig

Cake: Hy-Vee

Music: Benjamin Warner

Rentals: Accent Event Rental

Larz + Jacy 06.06.15

Wedding recap: Larz + Jacy 06.06.15
Photography by: JSi Photography

Following an intimate backyard ceremony in Olathe, KS, newlyweds Larz + Jacy and their bridal party hopped aboard a party bus to the Vox Theatre. It was a simple and sweet reception with minimal decor and shades of purple accents. Personalized cups went out as wedding favors to commemorate the special day. Good food, good friends and a whole lot of fun! Check out the images below:



Kansas-City-Vox-Theatre-wedding-reception-picture-9 copy

Vendors –

CEREMONY | Family Backyard- Olathe, KS

RECEPTION | Vox Theatre

DRESS | Ida’s Bridal Charlotte Birk

FLORIST | Amy Thompson & Charlotte Birk

DJ | DJ Elwood

Catering | Brancato’s

PHOTOGRAPHY |  JSi Photography  <—we hear they are pretty cool!id’

Postcard Thank You

Ryan & Taylor said "I do" back in August here at the Vox Theatre. This week in the mail we received a postcard from the newlyweds, featuring a picture from their reception.

We love the idea of keeping every detail of your big day personalized, even down to the thank yous, and a postcard picture thank you is a simple and easy way to do just that!

Thanks Taylor's, for the thoughtful note and wedding inspiration!


Corporate Events @ Vox Theatre

The Vox Theatre was proud to host Women of Imagery , the Unicorn Theatre Spring Gala, and the American Advertising Federation in April.

5 2 3 4 1 IMG_2918

Corporate Events at the Vox
Instead of a Holiday Party think about hosting an appreciation party for your customers/employees at the Vox during the summer. It can be as simple as dinner and music, a movie night projected onto our 14 foot screen, or a small carnival. Whatever you choose the Vox can help you make it happen!