Sometimes when you love something you tend not to see problems in the relationship.


While we love our Big Ass Fan, it creates issues with our love for weddings. We know that weddings and candles go hand in hand. Candles and the Big Ass Fan – not so much!
The fan helps keep the air in the large open event space of the Vox Theatre moving so it doesn’t feel stale or get too hot (or cold) in certain areas. Moving air – not a friend of candles. The candles struggle to stay lit when the fan is used to its best ability.

So again another dilemma – How do we have both? How can both the candles and the fan peacefully coexist at the Vox Theatre?

We did some testing – spent hours lighting and relighting candles, moving tables to different locations and measuring containers. In most of the wind blown spots in the room, we found that the candles can stay lit if the container they are placed in is at least 4 inches taller than the flame. The nice thing about the candles is that they will burn down. If you start with something that may be a little shy of 4 inches, the candle will probably burn down enough that when the dance floor starts to get busy and the fan speed increases, the candles should still be lit. Now, we are not saying this is the only type of candle you can use. A container that is 4 inches higher than the flame is just a recommendation. You can use almost any candle holder you want (as long as the flame is contained), but the flame will probably get blow out by the fan.

So when selecting decorations especially candles, keep in mind the Big Ass Fan, and try using hurricanes or candles holders that contain the flame and are around 4 inches higher than the flame.