Parking @ Vox

Vox Parking Plan Now Numbers

Besides the areas marked on the above map, there is also street parking on Early St. and 8th St. The parking lots across Southwest Boulevard at Whitmore Park and the Longnecker Building are also available for use.

Unique Guest Books

Guest books are a great way to look back and remember all the people that attended your wedding. Signatures don’t say much about the person signing, so brides and grooms are finding unique ways to remember their guests.

One of our favorites was an early November wedding for Rachel and Adam – They chose a beautiful coffee table book about Kansas City and had their guests write notes in the book.

Nichole-0090 Nichole-0089

Nicki & Zac had their guests sign on their birthday. They printed sheets that had the month and then listed the dates and guests signed next to their birthday. Over the years they now can wish all of their wedding guests a happy birthday.


Family trees are fun to look at and so are these thumbprint guest books. Nicole & Jeff had a thumbprint guest book.


Social media can also be used as a guest book of sorts. Here is a unique idea for you and your guests – a twitter guest book. This link will give you ideas on how to have everyone involved in your wedding use social media to help you create a twitter guest book.

Themed Wedding - Circus!

It's a circus in here! Check out Nicki & Zac's circus-themed bash!

Nichole-0182 Nichole-0176 Nichole-0174 Nichole-0180 Nichole-0170 Nichole-0173 Nichole-0172

Themed Wedding - Movie Theatre

Liz & Ryan went all out for their movie-themed ceremony and reception!Nichole-0323 Nichole-0304 Andrew_20110101_3804 Andrew_20110101_3793 Alistair_20110429_7070 Andrew_20110101_3757 Adam_20110813_2614

Say What?!

Here's what people are saying about the Vox Theatre!

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and extra efforts in making the Danner/Klein Wedding such a wonderful day. We had a great experience at your venue." Cathie Klien 10/9/10

"We had the best wedding ever! Nicole at the Vox was just great. Everything was beautiful, this is really a great space! Our guests are still talking about the night." Heather & Alan 10/16/10

"Thank you so much for giving us a home for our wedding ceremony. Coutnless guests went out of their was to comment on how gorgeous the venue was and you were all delightful to work with. Thanks again, and I’m sure I’ll be hearing about your meteoric rise to success in the next few years and have to book years in advance if we ever want to come back. Many thanks!" Shannon & Ben 9/4/10

"Rosedale’s class of 1950 greatly enjoyed seeing how beautiful the old Vox Theatre has become. We appreciate you taking the time to let us see the transformation on the 18th (Sept). Again, thanks for the memories." Georgene

"Vox Theatre was the perfect place for our reception! Nichole (the manager) was so helpful to us also. Our original place we had for our reception had closed less than 2 months before our date. (Vox Theatre hadn't opened prior to us booking our first place or we would have chosen them first.) The day after we found out, we went to Vox Theatre to check out the space. Thankfully they had our date available!!! We booked it the same day! Whether your guest list is small or big, it is great for either. The ceiling is beautiful and the stage was so much fun! We used it for our grand entrance:)" Sarah & Justyn 6/26/10

“The Vox Theatre was a great atmosphere!!...We got many compliments on the venue…I would rate it a 5 STAR experience…” Tim & Rachel 6/12/10

“The Vox Theatre is one of the most unexpectedly dramatic spaces in town…The perfect sized space it has white-washed walls, pressed tin ceilings, “burlesque-cool” retro red velvet curtain and bright white stage lights . . .it oozes: “Special Event.” I loved the versatility of the space, too. Alistair and his staff were true professionals who knew exactly where things were and how to help problem solve the day of the event…He made sure, personally, my event did not skip a beat.” Jenny Vergara

“The Vox Theatre is one of the best kept secrets in the urban core of Kansas City. As I searched for a unique and unknown location for our monthly Urban Core Group event, I was thrilled when I walked through the entrance of this historic silent movie theatre…Alistair worked closely with our volunteers to ensure a successful and fun evening. Over 150 Urban Core Group members were present and delighted to discover this forgotten corner of town...” Marion Wheeler – Kansas City Urban Core Group

"We had the best night ever thanks to Nicole and everyone at the Vox. You helped make our day amazing." Micaela & Brady Cummings 1/1/11

"As the bride who found out Arts Incubator was closed at 5:00 pm the night before our could say I was freaking out just a bit!!! Our reception at the Vox was absolutely perfect. We continue to get comments such as 
"Wedding of the Century"....that says it all!! Thank you a million times over to Annie at Events by Annie, Nicole and Alistair at the Vox, and the entire staff at Cupini's. What a perfect night....made me wish I would have booked the Vox originally.....but everything happens for a reason! Thanks again, you all are the absolute best!!!" Katie & Mike 6/4/11

"Thank you to Nicole for everything! The Vox is a great place to have a wedding reception and all of our guests loved it there!!" Lauren & Chris 6/3/11

"Vox Theatre...I cannot thank you enough for your flexibility and hospitality you shown Katie and Mike on Saturday. It was disheartening to hear about their original venue being closed 24 hours from the event. However, you were instrumental in keeping Katie vision alive. Thanks again!" Events by Annie - wedding planner for 6/4/11

"AND OF COURSE a huge thank you to Vox Theatre for housing the show last night, and specifically NICHOLE at the Vox. amazing amazing amazing." Layne Haley Photography 5/26/11

"Thank you Vox for making our day better than I could have ever imagined." Jennifer & Jason 8/20/11

"thanks again for everything the Vox did to make our wedding reception an unforgettable night! the guests were happy, we were happy, and our dogs were happy. nicole is very friendly, always has an answer, and is very accommodating! everything went perfectly and i could not have imagined our night going any other way. so glad we went with the Vox!" Marcie & Charlie 6/5/11

'If you haven’t visited the VOX yet, you need to! Our guests raved (and our still raving) about our wedding being one of the most beautiful weddings they’ve ever attended - and I think much of that is due to the unique and magical space the VOX offers. Thanks, Nichole & Alistair for everything you do and for helping us have the best wedding we could ever imagine." Laura & Brian 3/19/11

"The VOX was perfect for my November wedding reception! I fell in love with the red velvet curtain and the hardwood dance floor when I first visited the location. Nichole did a fabulous job of coordinating with our vendors so everything went smoothly the day of the wedding. It was a plus that we could bring in our own caterer, DJ and bartenders. She offerred great suggestions for the event and made sure everything was perfectly in place when we arrived. The VOX is a beautiful venue that you can tailor to your individual tastes". Marie & Eric 11/20/10

"My daughters wedding was this past week end June4th. The Vox went out of their way to make it a most incredibile event.Nowhere in town could anyone find anyone like Nicole. The building is so cool, with the high ceilings,a fan to die for, and a lovely deck and yard to the side..incredible! I more than highly recomend this venue.We had 250 guests who fell in love with The Vox, and so did I. This venue is a true jewel..check it out, you will not be sorry." Ruth Holmes - Mother of Bride 6/4/11

"Thank you for making Kerry and Andrew's wedding such a wonderful time.  Everyone loved the VOX."Diane Winter - mother of bride - 9/5/10

Dog Friendly Venue

At the Vox Theatre, we know how important dogs are in peoples' lives. On a regular day we have 2 of Alistair's dogs at work with us. So when Marcie and Charlie asked if they could bring their dogs to their reception, we said "Yes!".

Tilly and Hugo were wonderful and the 200 guests that attended the reception didn't phase them one bit. They fit right in.

Nichole-0328 Nichole-0315 Nichole-0333 Nichole-0327

Some things to consider when including your dog in your reception.
1) Will your venue allow your dogs at the reception? Ask this question at the beginning. This will help you decide right away if this is the venue for you.
2) Is this the best place for your dogs? In a situation like this, my dog would be hiding in a corner in the most remote place he could find. Yes, he is a wonderfully sweet dog and wouldn't hurt anybody, but all the people would stress him out and that is not the best place for him. Other dogs like Tilly and Hugo thrive in this environment. They had a blast meeting everybody.
3) Is there a place to have your dogs lay down? This will make it easier for you to enjoy your reception. If they do start getting a little rowdy or bothered you have a safe place to put them so they can relax.
4) Is the a place yard for them to do their duty? This will also help you relax at your reception. You won't have to stop what you are doing and take the pooch out for a walk (possibly in the pouring rain) and hopefully your dog won't have an accident in the venue that you will have to clean up.
5) Aclimate your dog to the venue. If your venues allows it, take your dog early so that they already feel comfortable with the area and also to meet the venue owner or manager. Everybody will feel more comfortable...the bride, the groom, the dogs and the venue owner.

Here are some articles for more tips for having a pet at your wedding and reception:
Getting Married: Pet-Friendly Wedding Tips
Prepare To Wed: Dog is {Groom's} Bestman

Reception - Additional Lighting

For their Kansas City wedding reception, Talya and Paul chose to add some additional lighting to the Vox Theatre. Including uplighting and a personalized monogram. The additional lighting made for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Nichole-0391 Nichole-0422 Nichole-0449

Days Gone By

We love to see pictures of the Vox Theatre. We especially love to see pictures of the theatre from years ago. We just received a new photo and now have 2 of the exterior of the Vox Theatre, originally named the Rosedale Theatre. We would love to have more – especially of the interior.

This photo was found in a book published by Kansas Colloquies, Inc. in 2005. The 50s in Wyandotte County is a collection of photographs and interesting facts about life in the 1950 and Wyandotte County.


One of the movie posters is for Rio Grande Patrol made in 1950 staring Tim Holt.


This picture was taken in 1922 before the Rosedale Theatre opened for the first time.


Flip the Vox

Bride: "How does the Vox Theatre accommodate a ceremony and reception?"

Vox: "It depends on what you want."

Ok, that tends to be the answer for a lot of questions - it's true - we want your wedding and reception to be what you want - not a version of what we want. We do have suggestions, but we are flexible and so is the event space at the Vox Theatre.


Kari & Dustin's ceremony with 220 guests.

Our suggestions for your having both your ceremony and reception at the Vox Theatre:



Lauren & Erin's ceremony with 215 guests.

Your guest list is approaching 300 - We suggest a combination of seating - up to 60 chairs set in rows near the front close to the ceremony and 24 tables with 240 chairs set for the ceremony. The chairs will be removed after the ceremony. A head table can be set up on the dance floor and removed after dinner is finished.


Kerry & Andrew's ceremony with 250 guests.

Your guest list is 250 guests or less - Guests are seated at the tables during the ceremony and stay there for the reception. Minimal moving of tables and chair. A head table can be set up on the dance floor and removed after dinner is finished.

Your guest list is 150 or less - Chairs can be set in rows on the dance floor for the ceremony. Tables for reception can be set out as well. After the ceremony, the chairs will be moved to the tables. A head table can be set up on the dance floor.


Shannon & Ben set up the chairs with a double aisle, so they can renew their wedding vows in front of family and friends. They rented enough chairs for the ceremony and the reception. All we had to do was move the ceremony chairs off the dance floor.


For Kate and Joe's wedding, we had 144 chairs set up on the floor with curtains closed during the ceremony. The reception tables were set in the background. After the ceremony, the goomsmen and family helped moved the chairs to the tables. The photo above is of Kate and Joe's ceremony. The photo below is of Kate & Joe's reception.


These are just some examples of the different ways you can have your ceremony and receptions. If you have an idea of something different, we would love to try it.

You and 299 of Your Closest Friends

A big open space means flexibility when it comes to laying out tables, but it also scares people when they have a small event or are pushing the maximum of capacity of the space.

The Vox Theatre has hosted events from as small a 30 guest dinner party to a 300 guest wedding and reception. We have also hosted a music video shoot, dance competition and several awards banquets.

Hopefully, soon we will be hosting an event for you. Click here to see a few different table layouts for your reception. Below you will find a few different floor plans we have created for different guests.

VoxKlinge1Reception floor plan is set up for 252 seated guests.


Wedding ceremony and reception set for 180 seated guests.


Wedding reception set for 160 seated guests.


Layout for booths at a conference.


Wedding reception for 130 seated guests.