Don’t get married on a Saturday

Choosing to get married on a Friday, Sunday or even a Thursday can help you save a lot as well as land you that special date you’re wanting to have your anniversary on. Having an evening wedding on a Friday allows you to not only save money but also have a full weekend to relax and recover. If you plan your weekday wedding right before a holiday such as the fourth of July, Labor Day, etc. it gives your guests that next day off so you can save money on the venue and your guests don’t have to worry about going to work the next day. Bonus! At the Vox Theatre we offer dates all throughout the week – just ask us about availability and prices.

Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors

At the Vox Theatre we have an open vendor policy meaning that you can bring in any caterer, bartender, and/or DJ. We only require that your bartender has a current liquor license and comes from a licensed company. Having family or friends who have catering experience cater your wedding could cut costs dramatically while allowing you to have a unique menu with your favorites. Have a college roommate who’s a DJ? Invite them in to play in our space or even skip the DJ entirely and hook into our audio system and have a friend play your music.

Be your own DJ a.k.a have a friend do it

The Vox rents out our own professional audio system that is built into our venue including speakers, a soundboard, mics, and a large projector screen that you can hook your phone, tablet, or computer into and play your own pre-made playlist. Have a friend be MC and do your introduction, play the song for your first dance, and start the playlist for your dance party – all while saving money!

Have your ceremony and reception in the same place

Our stage here at the Vox Theatre is the perfect place to have your ceremony if you’re looking to have your ceremony and reception in the same place. Your guests can come right to the ceremony, sit at their tables or in seats by the stage and go right into a cocktail/appetizer hour while you and your betrothed take pictures and won’t have to worry about figuring out what to do or getting lost between the ceremony and the reception. Having the ceremony and reception in the same place also cuts down on decoration costs by not having to buy extra flowers or other decorations for the ceremony location.

Fake your wedding cake

Fondant and tiered cakes are insanely expensive but oh so beautiful! Who doesn’t want to have that show stopping ten-tiered wedding cake with spun sugar and fondant flowers? But what a toll that takes on the checkbook. Here’s an idea, fake it! Have your baker make a fake Styrofoam and cardboard cake with a small top layer of real cake for you to cut into and eat then have real sheet cakes in the kitchen for your guests. You get to have your show stopping cake, your guests get to eat cake, and you save money – talk about a win-win-win!

Don’t feel like you HAVE to have a wedding cake

Several of our couples have opted to have dessert bars instead of a wedding cake. Having family members make and bring a dessert gives guests a variety of sweets and you less of a hit on your bottom line. Donuts, cookies with your monogram, milk-and-cookie bar, the options are endless, and if you still really want to have that moment cutting your cake you can get a special cupcake just for you two!

Cupcake Tower


Donut Tower

Don’t offer endless alcohol options

A couple of kegs and one ‘signature’ cocktail are great options to please your guests and save some money. 

At the Vox Theatre we rent out our two-tap kegerator system allowing you to have two types of beer in one rental! Skipping on hard liquor altogether is not a bad option either. Beer and wine are more than enough to satisfy guests.

Have a blast!

If the couple is having fun and is happy and the guests have free food and sweets they will be happy too. Remember that your wedding day is a celebration not a test – enjoy it!

Bride & Groom Enjoying Their Confetti Exit In Our Backyard (RPM Photography)