So many questions come up when deciding which venue to host your upcoming ceremony, reception, or corporate event at. More than any other factor, your venue sets the tone for your event. It’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive, and it’s what they’re going to be immersed in for the five or six hours they’re celebrating with you. To help ease the stress, we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Can the Vox accommodate a DJ or live band?

Yes! Both a DJ and live bands are welcomed here at the Vox. Our raised stage is perfect for live bands to perform during your event. And we offer a perfect space for your DJ that doesn’t take away from your dance floor.

Does the Vox have an A/V System I could rent?

Yes! We offer an A/V Package. This includes use of our sound system, microphones, projector, and projector screen. This can also be purchased a la carte as A/V Rental (sound & mics) or Projector & Screen. We have (2) handheld microphones. We do not have lapel microphones.

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?

When describing how the space is set up we stress the word “usually” because we want you to make the space your own. All of our main tables are on wheels so you can arrange them throughout the space as you wish with the exception of blocking our fire exit.

Are holiday dates available?

Yes! We are available for booking on certain holiday dates. There is special holiday pricing for Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. Please ask for holiday pricing during your tour if you are interested in those dates.

What is the hosts job?

Hosts are present during every single event held at the Vox. Their primary job is to make sure the building is being taken care of during your event. While the host is not responsible for making sure your timeline is going accordingly, it is our pleasure to work with vendors to ensure you have a smooth event.

Can I have both my ceremony and reception at the Vox?

Yes! Both ceremonies and receptions can and have been held at the Vox. We have three options for “flipping” the room from the ceremony floor plan to the reception floor plan.

How much time do we get for Set Up? 

Each event includes (3) hours of set up time as well as (1) hour prior to guest arrival for vendors to load into the space. After your event, you are also given (1) hour of load out time. We don’t want your event time getting cut into, so we make sure all set up and load time is outside of your event time frame.

Can I split up my 3 hours of set up time? 

Yes! We do allow you to split up the set up time in order to add additional time before guests arrive for vendors to load in at no additional cost. If you would like more than (3) hours plus the (1) hour before guest arrival you may purchase additional set up time.

Are linens included in the venue rental?

Linens are not included in the venue rental, however we are happy to assist with rentals should they be needed. Any items rented through us will be set up for you before your arrival, as well as removed at the end of the night and returned to the rental company by us.

Can we bring our own vendors in? 

Yes! All independent vendors are welcome. We do require that your liquor provider be from a licensed company and have a current liquor license as well as providing an individual to be present (caterer, staff, etc.) at all times during the event to maintain cleanliness.

What all is included in the venue rental?

At the Vox we supply up to (24) 66” round tables, (8) cocktail tables, (11) 6-foot rectangle tables, (8) 8-foot rectangle tables, (200) white folding chairs, and (4) large rolling tables that are great for a bar, buffet, gift, or cake table.

Are we responsible for cleaning up at the end of our event?

You are only responsible for cleaning up and loading out what decorations you brought in. You will never be responsible for clean up of tables, chairs, linens, event space trash, sweeping, etc.

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