1922 Photo of Original Rosedale Theater

Kansas City Urban Core Group is having their March meeting at the Vox. We are excited for this opportunity to show off the historic theatre and the work we have done to a group of people dedicated to preserving and enriching Kansas City urban areas. The date is March 24, 2010 from 5:30-7:30pm. A $10 guest fee is payable at the door. Alistair will tell the story of his purchasing of the Vox Theatre and its’ recent renovations.

A Brief History of the Vox Theatre:
The building was originally built in 1922 as the Rosedale Theater, a silent movie theater. In the 1940’s the name was changed to the Vox Theater. It operated as a theater until the early 1960’s. At that point it was purchased by KC Heating and Cooling. During the ownership of KC Heating and Cooling, a new concrete floor was installed to create a floor that is now level from the sidewalk to the stage. More recently, the building was used to store classic cars. In January of 2009, Alistair Tutton purchased the building for his photography studio with the idea of creating an entertainment hub for the Rosedale and Kansas City Metropolitan area. The Vox Theatre now operates as office space, photography studio, and reception/event venue.