Recently, a wedding and reception came to The Vox that left a beautiful and lasting impression. The McKnight – Hadley ceremony and reception took full advantage of the space as a whole, and also of our naturally rustic vibe.

This homemade archway acted as the perfect backdrop for the exchange of vows.

This breathtaking archway was homemade, and placed on our stage in order for the couple to exchange vows underneath. Accented by 3 separate walls of candles that stood behind the archway. Flickering candles added beautifully to our festoon lights that are strung on our brick wall. This archway served as a monumental part of the ceremony; and guests couldn’t help but take personal pictures in front of the beautiful backdrop. And because of this attraction, both guests and the lovely couple will have plenty of opportunities to look back on their special day.


The couple honored family members who could not attend by including their photographs in the decoration.

“A Long Line of Love” displays are a traditional and loving way to show the path of love that came before you. But the McKnight – Hadley wedding honored those who couldn’t be there in a slightly different way. They placed a name card and photograph of relatives that were unable to attend the ceremony. This allowed them to be “present” in a sense. And also allowed guests to get a sense of the couples rich family history.


The couple used a candle wall display to section off the kitchen from the rest of the event space.

Along with all our amenities, we also proudly offer a fully functioning kitchen to our caterers and other venders. And some of our events come up with perfect ways to dress up the area. McKnight – Hadley kept with their candle wall theme and placed one on the kitchen bar counter. Therefore, keeping the kitchen activity discreet from party-goers and kept the atmosphere and attention on the event.


Custom made Mr. and Mrs. plates held the Bride and Groom’s spot in the dinner line.

And of course, what better way to say, “Get your own plate” than to have custom made Mr. and Mrs. plates for the newly married couple? Too often during receptions, the bride and groom are so busy greeting and thanking guests, they don’t get the chance to enjoy their dinner. McKnight – Hadley made sure they would get the opportunity to sit and eat by making sure they had their own dinnerware that was ready to go, waiting just for them.

Take a look at even more beautiful photos from this fantastic wedding and reception:

Couple: Betsy McKnight – Patrick Hadley

Photographer: William Hess / Bailey Eichler

Florist/Decorator: Susan McKnight