Looking to incorporate a few more friends or family into your big day? Check out these roles to find the right fit!

Reader during the service – Many poems, stories or bible verses can be read during a service. Make sure the person feels comfortable reading in front of large crowds.

Candlelighter – If you are having candles during the ceremony, have a person assigned to lighting the candles. Add them to the processional and make a bit of a production of it. Be sure to check with your venue to see that they allow candles.

Musician – If you have a family member or friend that has a special musical talent, have them preform at your wedding or reception. Again, make sure the person feels comfortable reading/performing in front of large crowds.

Guest book attendant – This position is great for a younger teen that can instruct guests to sign the guest book, make sure that the pen is working and the pages are filled properly.

Greeter – Most often guests walk into the reception and are not sure what to do and where to go. The greeter can give people general directions…welcome, your seat location is here, the restroom is there, dinner will be served at 7pm, please help yourself to a cocktail and some hors d’oeuvres.

MC for the reception – Sometimes this is left up to the DJ. If you have a family member or friend that can really interact with a crowd, let them have the microphone. Your evening will be more personalized.

Personal attendant – This can be a great position or can really test friendships. Purchase a bride survival kit that has everything you can possibly need for your big day…needle & thread, bobby pins, safety pins, bandaids, tissues, and an assortment of other items…the personal attendant can be responsible if something is needed. Also have your personal attendant learn how to bustle your wedding dress. The more people that can do that the better you will be on your wedding day.

Cake cutter – All wedding cakes are not created equal. Some are easier than others to cut. If you have a several tiered cake that will need to be dismantled before it is cut, consider leaving this to professional. This is a very difficult and messy task for someone who has never cut such a larger cumbersome cake. If you have someone that really wants to do this for you, great! If not, it really is worth it to pay the caterer for the cake cutting service.

Be creative when asking people to be a part of or to help with your wedding. Consider their special talents and interests and have them help in those areas. It will be more fun for everybody.

You can find descriptions of what other positions may entail by checking out this Glossary of Terms on the knot.