A year ago, this past January, Alistair Tutton purchased the Vox Theatre, he hoped that he would be able to create a photography studio and event space out of this rundown 1922 silent movie theatre. He knew the theatre had some of the original features from the 1920’s, but had no idea what treasures he would find during the renovation. The original tin ceiling was visible and still mostly intact. It needed to be cleaned and painted, but it seemed like it was the only thing left from the glory days of the theatre. While cleaning out all of the remnants of the previous owner, who had been in the building for over 40 years, Alistair discovered the old lighting that highlighted the stage and screen. That has been reinstalled and makes a fabulous addition to the vintage red velvet curtains. He and his crew of friends also found some fascinating items that some day we hope will find a home here at the Vox Theatre.

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Up on the third level of the wings of the stage were 3 medallions for hanging light fixtures and one wall sconce. Each of these pieces was made of horsehair and plaster. The wall sconce has a small area of stained glass which helped illuminate the columns of the interior of the theatre. Age has taken its toll on these pieces, but with some care and cleaning they have turned into beautiful art.

Also in the wings of the stage, 5 chairs were found. Unfortunately the chairs are not complete – no legs or arms. However, a wonderful thing happened last week, Steve Sutton another awesome neighbor of ours gave us a chair that had somehow made its way into his possession and it has legs ad arms! We have is sitting at the front entrance. It is noticeably smaller than the large theatre seating we see in current theaters.











This interesting artifact – well we are really not sure what to make of it. It appears to be an advertisement for a watchmaker or jewelry store. One thing we do know – it is heavy. One of those things that you pick up and think “WOW that is really heavy!”Alistair_20100407_7037-Edit


So right now the plan is to have the chairs restored and placed in the front entrance for lobby seating. Casts will be made of the medallions and the wall sconce, so we can replicate them and eventually replace our current lighting with something more in keeping with the 1920’s or at least something a little less industrial. The watch will find a home somewhere on a wall at the Vox or maybe just on a table.