Guest: “Wow, that is a big fan.”
Me: “Yes, it is a Big Ass Fan.”
Guest: “I guess it is!”
Me: “No, really, that is a Big Ass Fan made by the Big Ass Fan company.”
Guest: “I love it!”

We love our fan, too. It is one of the first things people notice when they enter our space and it has become a conversation piece. Besides the fun of the fan, it does serve a purpose. When Alistair purchased the Vox Theatre, the building had the original tin ceiling from 1922, 20 foot ceilings and not enough air conditioning for an event space.

Alistair_20090721_9246 Alistair_20090720_9108













The dilemma: how to efficiently cool the space and not cut into the ceiling, all at a reasonable price?

The choices were minimal for cooling this old building/new event space on a budget.

Option 1: hang duct work from the ceiling down below the light fixtures.
Option 2: install a large fan to push the air from the ceiling.

Add protecting the ceiling, and it was impossible.

The solution: the next best thing – limit the holes in the ceiling, keep most of the ceiling visible and create a conversation piece.

20 tons of cooling and 1 Big Ass Fan later, our guests are comfortable on a 100 degree day in Kansas.

We’re a fan!