At the Vox Theatre the walls are plaster on brick or concrete block, the ceiling is tin and the floor is mostly concrete. Anybody that knows about sound waves, knows that this would make a great place for an echo. Though an echo can be fun but during a event, it’s not always the best. We had some experts in and decided on an easy solution. Like with most things concerning the Vox, Alistair had a vision. With the help of a good friend Ryan Yoakum, Alistair and he spent the Friday before our first reception in May of 2010 building and installing the grey panels. Wow, they made a huge difference.

So the big question we get from most people, can we put something on them? Yes, they are large and nondescript and they can be decorated.

The panels are 64 inches wide and 94 inches tall. They have a soft front. Each panel has at least one eye-hook on the top of the panel. We use thread or string to hang items from the eye-hooks.

IMG_0747 Nichole-1016 Nichole-0221

Several different materials have been used to create large letters…foam core board, vinyl sheets, heavy card board and 4×8 sheet of hard pink insulation (from hardware store). The foam core or cardboard can be found at craft stores or art supply stores. Nichole-0363 IMG_1350 Nichole-1014