“My reception venue just cancelled my reception! What do I do now?”

The Vox Theatre is new to the wedding business, but twice this summer, we received phone calls from brides looking for a new venue because their venue canceled their reception.
So your venue canceled – WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?

1. Stop the presses on the invitations, immediately! Depending on how close to your wedding date, this could save you a lot of headaches. If the invitations have been printed and mailed, prepare a post card with the new reception location to be sent to all guests. Also have the post cards with the new reception location available at the ceremony as well as in the hotel rooms of your out-of-town guests.
2. Get your deposit back. If the venue cancels, they should give you your deposit back, however, you need to check the fine print of your contract.
3. If you’re using a wedding planner, let them do the leg work and don’t stress. It will all work out.
4. If you’re not using a wedding planner, go back to the other venues you were considering initially. You may find that there is some availability. Some venues may be willing to work with you because of your circumstances.
5. If those venues are booked for your wedding day, hit the internet. Check for new wedding/reception venues. They usually have more openings in the calendar because they are a new venue. They may also be willing to work with you a bit more than a well established venue.
6. Check with your other vendors. Your caterer, florist, photographer, DJ or other people in the wedding business may have different ideas and contacts or know of a great venue that is open for your day. Most will be willing to help you locate or put you in touch with someone that could help.
7. Relax – it may seem very overwhelming, but don’t let it ruin your special day. Everything happens for a reason. You may find a place that is even better than the one that canceled.

Once you have booked the new reception location, enjoy it!