This is the part 1 of a two-part blog series by Aniya Westmoreland, The Vox Theatre’s summer youth intern! 

This is meant to be a helpful resource for brides and grooms at the beginning stages of planning their wedding. This will give readers general step by step information about planning their special wedding event.

Before anything, know your budget. This will help you know what venues are an option, and will help you organize your food/drinks, entertainment, and of course, your decorations.

1. Pick your Venue

You need to know your wedding venue before you plan anything else.


  • How many people will you invite? It’s best to know your range of guests so you can choose a venue with enough space.
  • What season do you want to hold your wedding? Knowing this will help you determine whether you want a outdoor or indoor wedding, and will help you determine the best venue choice for your needs.
  • What is the vendor policy?
    • An open vendor policy allows any licensed and insured business or group to work in the event space. The Vox Theatre has an open vendor policy. In a closed, or in-house vendor policy, clients have to use certain vendors provided by the venue.
  • Venue location – Does the venue have enough parking for your guests? Is the venue located near highways, and easy to find?

The Vox Theatre has 175 parking spots, and near major highways!

2. Make your guest list

This is good for building your seating chart, but also helps you decide how big your venue needs to be.

Things to consider from your guest list:

  • Guests with allergies
  • Guests with children

3. Pick your Vendors

Photography: Consider hiring someone to take pictures. This allows you to enjoy your time without having to worry about who took photos or how good they might look.

Music  You can hire a professional DJ. They will have their own sound and lighting equipment, and will usually also emcee the event (ex: excusing guests to dinner).


A sit down dinner is more formal, food will be plated & served to guests. A buffet style is a more common option, and would add more flexibility to the menu. The food is what your family and friends enjoy, as well as your new marriage!

In part two, we’ll dive deeper intoactually planning the details of your wedding. This includes decorations, your dress/suits, hair/makeup, and wedding timeline.